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Why Life Coach Certification Is A Must For Your Career

By: Luz Gale

Life coaching is rapidly sweeping the country and is becoming all the rage - with even celebrities getting their own life coaches. In fact, it is predicted that we could only see a rise in the need for life coaches as more and more people embrace the help that they provide. If you are thinking of becoming one yourself, here are some of the things that you need to know about life coaching and why in the end, you need to get your own life coach certification.
First, what is life coaching? Life coaching is basically providing professional service to people or coachees who may need feedback on certain aspects of their life as well as guidance and overall help in many things. It is quite vague but the job of a life coach is vast and varied. You are basically mentor, friend, parent, colleague, business associate, cheerleader and more all wrapped into one. Being a life coach is not easy but as long as you have the ability to deal with people and the intuition to know what they need to hear and know about certain things, then you would go a long way.
The next question is: how do you become a life coach? Life coaching has been around for a long time but it was only during the late 80's and early 90's that the trend started to pick up. As such, there are really no standard way to go about it but there are already a lot of life coach training schools and programs that you can avail of but if you don't get the formal training, you can still get life coach certification that will definitely help you get accredited.
Why is it important for you to get a life coach certification? Though compared with clinical doctors, a life coach doesn't need a license to practice, having a life coach certification will definitely help in giving you the accreditation that you would need in order to be professionally recognized. Getting a certification is basically like being given the go-ahead signal by a third party. It means that you have somehow undergone training and have been cleared by a third party who is basically saying that you have what it takes to practice. It means that you have the needed skills to handle coachees and that you have enough knowledge to deal with whatever it is that they might need help with.
There are many ways to get certified. There are already a lot of schools that offer associate and professional degrees in coaching as well as some online programs that will provide you with the online certificate that you need. In the end, it's really more on what you need to be successful and what your clients would look for to assure themselves that you are the best professional for their problems.

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