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What You Should Know Before Considering Back Pain Surgery

By: Argonillo Naviz

Ever considered back surgery? If you have, you should know that there are positive and very negative consequences involved. There are many possible benefits as well as risks to any kind of back surgery. Depending upon your condition, you need to seriously think about outcomes, cost, and other treatments that may be available. Back surgery may be an option for you, but we are presenting a few others you may not be aware of.

Although everyone is aware that there are alternatives to back surgery, such as chiropractic treatment and various other physical therapies, there are some lesser known options as well. Spinal decompression therapy falls in to this classification. The American FDA has approved this procedure. It is considered much safer than spinal surgery and the cost is a lot less also. This type of non-invasive treatment uses a machine that applies force to the affected area of the spine that normalizes the spinal discs that are treated. Healing will also be quicker because the discs now have more space for blood and oxygen to get to the site of the problem and bring about healing. A viable alternative for pain management is the TENS system which is not painful and helps mask the pain by sending signals to the brain that affect pain perception. Don't overlook these newer techniques for relieving back pain. They are promising to be very effective and should be considered before back surgery. Don't be hesitant to ask the surgeon any questions that come to mind, especially questions dealing with the pros and cons of having the recommended surgery. There are several kinds of back surgery, and you want to be clear about exactly what kind of procedure will be performed and what its effects are likely to be. How long will you have to be in the hospital? This, of course, will vary with the type of surgery your doctor plans to perform and, the more invasive the procedure, the longer you will be hospitalized. A related question is, how long is the recovery time? Doctors will not be able to give you an exact answer, but they can give you an estimate. But, at least, you can get a general idea of how long you will have to take off of work, or will be incapacitated at home. How much pain will result from your surgery and what will the doctor recommend you do about it? What other limitations will you have and for how long?

The cost of surgery is a huge roadblock for those that actually want to do it. You would not believe how much it cost to have a back surgery! This type of treatment and procedure has many associated costs which quickly add up. You might have to stay in the hospital longer, and recovery costs are also very expensive.

The cost of staying away from your job also adds up. No paycheck means no cash. You could possibly need additional exams and checkups. Physical therapy is also a potentiality. Choosing this particular avenue to relieve your back pain may actually be costly to you need to consider this before the procedure. Submitting to back surgery is a big step and you should make sure you have had adequate time to consider all the advantages and disadvantages before you make a decision. You certainly shouldn't schedule this kind of procedure until you have all the relevant facts, and in this article we've only had room to discuss a few of the major issues. You also have to look closely at the specific type of back problem you have and how successful surgery usually is at treating it.

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