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By: Kanto Waray

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ITV1 has commissioned a second series of the costume drama Downton Abbey after it proved a hit with viewers and critics. The Sunday-night drama was written and created by the Oscar-winning Julian Fellowes, and stars Dame Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville.

The drama also broke the record for a single episode viewing on's catchup service, the ITV Player.

Laura Mackie, the ITV director of drama commissioning, said: "We're delighted with the audience response to Downton Abbey and the positive critical reaction. We're extremely proud to have commissioned a series which has clearly captivated ITV1 viewers.

The second time he wrote Gosford Park, it was Downton Abbey, which was very good, and the third time he writes Gosford Park, it will be Downton Abbey: Series 2, which will surely be amazing. If they commission a few more series, Downton Abbey will eventually become the best written thing in the history of television.

The Opening. The first series of Downton Abbey opened with the news of the sinking of the Titanic reaching the house. Having the heirs to the house die in the Titanic tragedy was a terrific device which acted as the catalyst for many of the storylines.

The Limp. One of the dominant storylines of series one has been Bates' limp. The consternation that it has caused has resonated throughout the series with many repercussions for both the house's residents and staff.

Maggie Smith. Redoubtable battleaxe, the Dowager Countess, stole the show when she enquired over dinner, "The weekend? What is a weekend?". The war will provide far greater scope for lofty and disdainful incomprehension, bringing as it will, a whole new vocabulary of dreadnoughts, zeppelins, trench foot, doughboys, big berthas, whizz-bangs and Kaisers.

Conscription. There'll be great scope for new and interesting characters because of conscription. And, while the third reserve under-butler's valet's second footman is away having his head blown off at the Somme, who knows what could happen back at Gosfor Downton Abbey.

Order. The version of pastoral care the paternal Earl metes out to his wards will be tested to the limit in series two, as the poverty and lack of privation that war brings begins to impinge on life at Downton. How will he dispense justice when the newly widowed ladies-maid's kitchen-maid's undermaid is caught pilfering part of a silver cruet set?

Suitors. Once she's been forbidden to go into nursing by the Dowager Countess, ("Nursing? A lady tending commoners? The moon will surely implode,") the eldest daughter will continue her Downton life pretty much unaltered, except with more varied suitors.

I am also pleased to hear that this will just be the first season of the show, with more to come..yummy..I thought it was just a mini series as we usually get in period dramas. I can't wait to watch the rest! I just wish KCET and PBS would work out their differences so we can see it through KCET. They have the best feed in LA..the outer lying cities don't seem to come in as clear.

Although the new year is just days old, we have a winner in the 2011 Worst Timing in Television Award: KCET, which dumped PBS mere months before Masterpiece Classic launched possibly the best show of the year. "Downton Abbey," which premieres Sunday, is this generation's "Upstairs, Downstairs," both in theme - the daily dramas of a titled British family and their many servants - and in stature.

"More" being things as simple as production values (Downton Abbey is a glorious country estate of which the camera takes full and gorgeous advantage) and star power (it's difficult to beat Maggie Smith as a dowager anything) and as tricky as subtext and foreshadowing.

But don't worry, there's plenty of sex and secrets, romance and treachery to go 'round, not to mention the "that will be all, O'Brien" and "yes, mum" dialogue that masks the so often wretched and lonely hearts of British aristocrats.

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