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USANA-Real Deal Or Cheap Thrill?

By: Marcus Christopher

It would be easy to give a bad rating on just about every MLM company, if you just look at all of the complaint sites. Everyone has an opinion and most of the bad comments about any company are derived from someone who has failed. Are their failures always their fault? That is an interesting question, but in the MLM industry, in most cases the answer is yes. If you make a good choice in company and products, your success becomes totally on your shoulders. This USANA business review will explain why this company appears to be a good choice.

One criteria to consider when deciding which company is right for you is their history. USANA was launched in 1992. That is a true bright spot. The company was started by Dr. Myron Wentz, a nutritional specialist and the products do reflect that. The other main benefit of an older company is that they have likely been scrutinized by all of the legal entities that watch this industry and apparently have been given a clean bill of health.

Being in the Wellness industry is also a strong point. Companies that market consumable products have more success than ones that do not. USANA markets three categories of products, all with large potential markets. With over 90 million baby boomers, just in the United States, that are inclined to fight off getting old, offering quality Personal care, nutrition and diet products, offer some wonderful marketing opportunities to a sizable audience.

One of the largest challenges in the industry is compensation. There are many different plans and versions of other plans. This is confusing and often times if your plan is not explained well, you can count on having trouble sponsoring new distributors. This is very important. One benefit of USANA is their comp plan. They employ a binary plan which is good for them and you. Simply put, you build one side of the matrix and the people above you will build the other side. You get paid at the levels where the numbers are the same on both sides. This concept keeps you motivated to add more distributors.

They claim to actually have 6 ways to earn money. With bonuses, level pay, management bonuses, etc. The USANA compensation plan seems solid. All Network Marketing companies offer some additional pay for similar positions and this plan surely competes.

The biggest difference maker in the MLM industry is marketing. The better you become at promoting your business, the more success you will have. The more you can expose the opportunity to buy good products and show a strong business plan, the more quickly you will build a strong organization. This applies to all MLM companies, and with USANA having a good reputation, this should not be a tough task. Just learn as much as you are able in regards to marketing.

Spending time becoming well educated about what you are doing and how you should do it is crucial. With solid training, this will be infinitely easier. Explaining the company compensation plan should be fluid and well rehearsed. When you try to sign up new distributors, if there is any hesitation is what is told to them, their confidence level drops and your credibility is out the window.

If you are interested in an MLM company, you should feel confident about USANA. Their reputation is solid. The products are being successfully sold to retail customers and they appear to ship and pay on time. All of that being said, the final outcome is based on how much time you are willing to devote to building your business. If you are passive, you will fall to the wayside, regardless of the company. If you are aggressive and really want your business to work, your success will come in time. Hopefully this USANA business review is of some help in making your choice.

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