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Tips For Preschool Halloween Crafts Project

By: Kathy Pratts

Thinking of preschool Halloween crafts ideas could be difficult especially when you have to think of ways to make projects that are interesting, fun, and easy for preschoolers to do. There are many ideas surrounding Halloween crafts for preschool projects though, and you can easily find them online. This article will show you basic projects for preschoolers and how to add some excitement to them.

When brainstorming for preschool Halloween craft ideas, consider the following:

- Safety - It's always better to double-check on projects you might want to follow. If needles, cardboard cutters, and glue guns are involved, then a so-called preschool Halloween crafts project is not safe. Those tools can easily poke the eyes, cut, and burn. Have your students use children's scissors instead, as they are more blunt. Also, it's good to have projects that utilize materials such as punchers, non-toxic glue, tape, and small staples as these don't pose much risk.

- Difficulty level - Halloween crafts for preschoolers that are complicated aren't going to catch children's attention. A project can be too tiring or difficult for preschoolers to do. Instructions should be kept short and simple.

- Interest - Most Halloween projects are interesting but it doesn't hurt to add a bit of spice and distinctiveness to your projects. Kids get bored easily so try to make projects more out-of-the-ordinary.

Making Masks

Making masks is one of the easiest projects to give as a preschool Halloween crafts. Masks are pretty versatile, too. You can make hero masks, animal masks, and monster masks. All you need are paper plates, crayons, punchers/staples, and garters.

The first step is to prepare the materials you will need for the eyes such as paper plates and crayons. Ask your students to draw two big eyes in the middle of their paper plate. Then instruct them to draw anything they like around those eyes. Show them examples of simple animal faces like bunnies and cats using coloring books and other kids' books, so they have an idea of what to draw. Your students can draw a witch face, bat outline, or practically anything.

The next step is to suggest designs that are easy for kids to draw such as stripes, spots, hearts and stars, and give them time to color their masks. For more interest, you can use glue sticks or Elmer's glue to stick glitter and sequins on their masks. The kids will absolutely love this idea. You can also purchase colorful feathers so your students can stick them to their masks. Remember to keep your projects interesting!


Wings as your Halloween crafts for preschool is another good project for kids. There are many types, shapes and sizes of wings your pupils can create. There are bat wings, angel wings, or butterfly wings out of cardboard. You may pre-cut the shapes to make the project easier for the kids. Just punch two holes on each wing so you can attach a string where the arm can go through and stay secured to the wing.

Give each pupil his or her cardboard wing and give them time to draw and color on them. Also have them glue sequins, glitter, and feathers to add interest.

Brainstorming for preschool Halloween crafts is fairly easy if you have these three things to keep in mind: safety, simplicity, and fun.

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