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The optimal conditions for a great helicopter skiing

By: Fackler Lint

Downhill snow skiing has been around for many years and it continues to draw the attention of many winter sports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. Unlike other popular sports helicopter skiing cannot be perceived as a leisure activity because it involves flying with a helicopter on the slopes at incredible altitudes which are unreachable by conventional means of transportation and than skiing over unmarked areas. Considering the difficulty of the terrain, this is a sport that addresses to experienced skiers but unfortunately it can only be performed in several parts of the world with adequate mountains and climates.

This is why helicopter skiing Canada is the first choice for winter sports enthusiasts who are willing to get the most out of this experience.

Heli skiing BC Canada is very popular due to the weather conditions which are favorable for long periods of time. In addition to this, there are many natural areas with large amounts of fresh snow and thus many challenging routes. This is definitely the best choice for people who are looking for adventure and adrenaline and given the growing number of tourists worldwide, there are many companies and operators with trained and experienced staff which are willing to offer stunning experiences of helicopter skiing Canada. In fact, Canada has greatly contributed to the huge development of this sport at international level and nowadays it holds about 90% of the global market share. Due to the technological developments and advanced helicopters, skiers have the opportunity to access remote natural locations and feel the boost of adrenaline given by dangerous routes and fresh snow powder.

When it comes to heli skiing BC Canada, the region has a range of operators to choose from and it also boasts dramatic and amazing mountains with snow depths that vary in longitude and altitude and thus they can cater any preferences and requirements of skiers as long as they have a certain level of proficiency. However, irrespective the chosen area, helicopter skiing can only be performed on good weather because helicopters cannot fly on in adverse conditions. Apart from the precipitations, the clouds and the light can prevent the helicopter from landing safety on a mountain peak. This is why most of the operators provide a back-up solution for the days with bad weather: catskiing, which is also a thrilling winter sport performed mainly in Canada even by inexperienced skiers.

The most thrilling aspect of helicopter skiing Canada is the environmental component which allows to each and every skier to experience various routes ranging from glaciers to alpine bowls and steep slides. Many skiers have the opportunity to perform helicopter skiing on routs which have nearly 10.000 feet long and go up to 3,000 meters in vertical relief. In addition to this, the snow conditions are also very appealing because they vary from fresh powder which is very light and fluffy but presents a high risk of avalanche to the most complicated snow such as the breakable wind crust where the avalanche danger is lower.

Heli skiing BC Canada is that type of experience that you must live at least once in a lifetime because it will definitely change your perspective on winter sports and adventure.

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