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The lottery phenomenon


The lottery is the golden ticket that everybody dreams of. Every week, millions of people invest their money, time and energy into Mega lottery tickets hoping to win the big pot. And the climax of the whole process is the announcement of the lucky numbers. Now, there are some people who like the rush of watching the draw live, while there are others who have favorite websites that they trust to show accurate information. These websites generate the results within minutes, if not even seconds, from the draw so they are permanently updated and contain trustworthy data.

But the lottery websites are not simple homepages that display a series of numbers, but communities in the true sense of the word. People accessing these sites share views, opinions and experiences like in every other sport or common interest. And the websites have noticed people's weakness and they take full advantage of it. They now provide all sorts of tools for people to use in their attempt to win the jackpot, such as tracking numbers applications or lucky numbers generators.

Lotteries are different from one nation to the other, but in the United States for example, there is no such thing as national lottery. The game is subject to the laws of each state, including the Virgin Islands, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, therefore there is the state lottery. Each state lottery has a special commission appointed by the Governor. The commissioners have the role of overseeing and approving all types of games, the fees for these games, the structure of the prize, the methods of payment and the agents licensed to operate the games.

The supreme game, that overshadows the lottery or any other gambling for that matter, is the mega lottery, which provides its fans with four times the chances of the state lottery. And that's because the draw occurs four times a week - Tuesdays and Fridays and then again Wednesdays and Saturdays. The Mega lottery is a multi-state game, probably the largest one in North America, and it encompasses forty-two other lotteries. Needless to say that the winnings are as high as the game is popular.

Although the chances of actually winning the lottery are more than slim, people never give up. The sole thought of having even the slightest of chances to get possession of all that money is thrilling. And that is quite understandable. There is also the fact that people are beings of habit. Once you are on that road, it becomes really hard to stop, even if you tell yourself every week is the last one. It seems a lot like a drug, doesn't it? But money has always been a sort of one, especially that much money. Lotteries are greatly powerful temptations that sometimes entail you for life. Therefore, it would be wise not to get sucked in the whole phenomenon of calculating odds, the percentage of numbers repetition or other complicated algorithms that some people pretend help you submit a winning ticket.

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