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The Secrets to Learning How to Approach Girls!

By: Marcus Christopher

Before we get to the ways you can learn how to approach girls, it is time to identify some of the reasons why most guys have never tried approaching women.

Approach anxiety is more than the fear of talking to a woman. It is also the way you let negative thoughts completely take over your thinking process at the worst possible time. It also involves the pressure you have unknowingly built by memorizing tired old pick up lines and being thrown in a situation where these lines do not fit (like when you are talking to a GROUP of women instead of just one).

The reality is you are a position to talk to all the women in the room if you just buck up and believe that every girl on there will be fascinated by you. You gotta be on your A-game. And, here are some smart ways to do that...

2 Secrets to Finding Out How to Approach Girls

1. Improve Your Attitude

This term has gotten so much hype that it became something every guy thought he can do at one point in the future. But the thing is, if you do not get into the mindset of "improving" at something as soon as you can, you will end up stagnating.

What do I mean with stagnating and how is this related with learning how to approach girls? It gets so bad that sometimes, you just want to believe that you are never going to get some in this century.

In short, it is easy to go with the flow and just HOPE that someday you will get lucky. Stagnation is probably the most dangerous hindrance to learning how to approach girls.

So, what can you do to change your lifestyle? The first thing you need to do is move out of your safety zone. If you have never tried something, try it now. It is the act of pushing forward that will start it all for you. After which, improvement is inevitable.

2. Present What You Have

After you have worked your ass improving your personality, your looks and your skills in dating, the next step is to show everyone what you have got.

You know you are a great guy, and your close friends know this too, but the group of girls over there do not. This is the art of marketing yourself as a single guy who has it going for him. Of course, you have to overcome a tiny obstacle to be able to do this...

Too often, we get overwhelmed with the many ways to present our value to a group of ladies. Most guys try everything all at once without categorizing which techniques fit which situation. It is this "information overload" that makes guys throw the towel when it comes to learning how to approach girls.

Let me share a secret with you... choose ONE good opener and use it several times during a party. This opener must be striking enough to turn heads and must be effective enough to make women fall head over heels in love with you instantly.

If you have ever felt like "wimping out" when you see a hot girl (or a group of hot girls), it is time to learn a great opener that works every time... the Hiroshima Opener. Read more about it here.

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