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The Pod Coffee Maker That You Should Always Have

By: Jacabo Jacobs

If you enter the term "pod coffee maker" into any of the major search engines, you will find heaps of sites promotion coffee. If you drill in far enough you will also find hundreds of articles about how good they are. Have you ever wondered that the reason why people put up a website is to sell products? It is very counter-productive if you inform people that the product they are trying to sell is not for everyone. Don't get me wrong, I love mine. But they're not for everyone. Before you shop, know the details.

Perhaps the most surprising drawback to consumers is the fact that many of these machines are closed systems.

Manufacturers design their machines so that only their pods will work in their machine. This gives them control over the price of the pods. One example is Tassimo, they only use pods by the same manufacturer. There is a special bar code on the top of these pods that can tell whether you put in a coffee pod or espresso then tailor the brewing process accordingly. If consumers had ever wanted to use something other than the patented T-Disk then the manufacturer would have had to do everything manual instead of doing everything by barcode.

Manufacturers are becoming aware of this issue therefore they are trying to come up with a solution. Keurig has put out the Perfect Pod Holster which makes it possible to fit any type of pod in their machines. They also offer a reusable filter that enables user to brew their favorite coffee grounds in the pod holster.

If you decide to use the reusable filter then you will see that this reduces the convenience of the machine. Pods are more expensive than traditional ground coffee which is why they are so expensive. If you want to minimize cost then it is probably best to join a monthly auto-ship program.

The noise these machines make takes almost everyone by surprise. It may be common knowledge when you hear the noise in your favorite coffee shop but many people are still surprised when they hear the noise in their home. What makes the noise is the water pump, if you have ever heard a jet engine then you will notice that they sound exactly the same. O.k. so it may be loud, but maybe not as loud as a jet engine. Have these people been to the airport recently?

If you want something more quiet then it is certainly possible to get something you'll like. The less expensive models that don't have water reserves also don't have a pump and are therefore quieter. If you are looking for a machine with more options, Keurig has come out with "special edition" models that have what they have coined as "quiet brew technology."

In a final note, a thing that people dislike is that pods can only be used for single coffee makers which ofcourse only make one cup of coffee. So one cup for one person. That's awesome if you are the only coffee drinker in the house, but can be inconvenient if you and your spouse both have to leave at the same time in the morning. So if you ever have a dinner party be aware that this might become a problem. Getting a coffee machine with high wattage and a water reservoir will certainly save a lot of time. Mr. Coffee and Cuisinart both offer dual coffee makers that will brew two cups at a time. These are a good choice if this issue is a concern however the models available at this time may have limited features.

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