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The Big Drops of Canada

By: Fackler Lint

For real adventure one must look for the biggest vertical drops. Vertical drops for skiers put to test all the skills one has worked on and, hopefully, perfected. Put rush in terms of adrenaline and speed to your skis and check out the biggest drops. Canada is well known for these drops as the mountainous terrain naturally lends to this adventure. Also the access to these amazing nature given ski heavens is excellent.

Due to the high demand, the many options offered, and the numerous resorts that provide access to the vertical terrain an interesting and useful method for calculating vertical-ness that the different resorts have to offer has begun to be implemented. The idea behind this is to put a more meaningful statistic into the information resorts provide to the skiers so they can make an informed decision and experience the rush for real.

To be able to apply this calculation much research time and effort has been placed into the mathematical formulation, study of the terrains and their quantity and quality of access. This methodology is called True-UP Vertical Descent. In a nutshell it represents the most vertical distance at a resort that can be achieved on commonly skied, lift-served, continuous fall-line runs.

So what is a vertical drop in common terminology and how is it different from this True-Up Vertical calculation. Conventional definition of a vertical drop is the elevation at the mountain's highest point minus the elevation at its lowest point. Obviously this traditional calculation does not take into consideration the actual ski-ability of the terrain in between the mountain's peak and base. Therefore for the skier it has little meaning. The True-Up Vertical Descent on the other hand adds the factor of the skiable terrain into its definition allowing for a more realistic observation of the mountain's skiable vertical drop.

The twist here in the calculation is the key to the skier in making his or her decision about which mountain to adventure as it gives the skier's perspective on the mountain height instead of a topographical view. Using the True-Up Vertical Descent value is the reality that the skier needs to take into consideration when deciding upon their destination, that's why its called "true-up".

Therefore when you are investigating which mountains to hit-up this season start with the resorts that show their True-Up Vertical Descent. Some resorts are including this information now right along with all the other highlights of their area. But not all of them have gotten to put this information on their site yet. As stated previously it takes quite a bit of research to calculate this information but now many of the renowned areas are included. Try searching form the start for the True-Up Vertical Descent and that could lead you to the best downhill rides this season.

Canada offers incredible skiing for this upcoming new year, 2012. Renowned for wilderness as well as luxury resort comforts, everyone can find their ski spot. In general Canada has six regions that provide the best natural landscapes for fun in the snow. In the west the grand provinces of British Colombia and Alberta offer great experiences as do Newfoundland and Nova Scotia in the east and Ontario and Quebec just north of the Great Lakes.

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