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The Advantage of Variety in Rawhide Chews from Beefeaters

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There is no one variety of rawhide chews for every dog breed. Different breeds have different needs and Beefeaters provides a variety of sizes shapes and textures.. When shopping for rawhide chews it’s important to match the treat to the individual dog such as big bones for big dogs and small treats for training rewards.

As a general rule, the bigger the dog, the bigger the bone. Big dogs need to have big treats and chews. This will also make the treat last longer. Small dogs need rawhide that is smaller and appropriately proportioned to their size, while older dogs may need softer chews due to dental issues.

Pork Hide Treats

Pork Hide from Beefeaters provides a variety of pork chews in many shapes and sizes that are designed to please. A large dog could spend hours on Piggy Bones while a smaller breed would enjoy a Piggy Twist. For a special treat, nothing beats pigs ears. More than great taste, Beefeaters rawhide chews contain no fillers, glues additives or preservatives.

Rawhide for Power Chewers

Some breeds are power chewers, and they require a long lasting dog chew. Compressed Beefhide by Beefeaters is a good choice. Compressed rawhide treats are made from strips of pure rawhide, never scraps, and is ideal for dogs prone to boredom or anxiety. Your pet will certainly find a favorite among the 6 flavors offered. Choose from -


•Peanut Butter



•Lamb & Rice


These rawhide chews are available in a variety of sizes and shapes including: donuts, bones, twists and rolls, and all are oven-baked to seal in flavor.

Rawhide At Any Age

Teething puppies enjoy rawhide chews because they soothe their jaws and gums. This offers a lot of relief to a young dog, and selecting rawhide chews with different shapes and textures will also keep them amused.

Top Choice Natural have been smoked to perfection, and have some meat still attached. Top Choice Natural Parts have been sterilized and individually wrapped for a safe treat option and offered in many forms - beef rolls, ribs, knuckle bone, hooves and ear. This is a chew treat that puppies can really sink their teeth into.
Rawhide chews not only provide dogs with hours of play, but they help to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Rawhide treats from Beefeaters are available in a variety of shapes, flavor and sizes that will appeal to any dog no matter what his size, breed or age. Visit, beefeaters.

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Providing a wide variety of nutritious, tasty dog treats is what Beefeaters is all about. Shop online or visit our retailers for Beefeaters chicken dog treats, dog chews, dog bones, rawhide chews, natural chews and more natural flavor dog treats.

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