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The Advanced Attributes Of The Kindle 3 And Reason Why You Should Buy Kindle

By: Jason Smitherman

Kindle is an electronic book from Amazon which is around the height of a great novel and as slender as a pencil medium. It's all the excitement for the Kindle 3 deserved or is it just the same old instrument in a graphite case again? Let's show at what the Kindle 3 brings to the table, what Amazon has decided to shelve and why you should buy kindle . However, before we do that we need to put some focus on the eReader market and Amazon is trying to accomplish with the Kindle

It is no surprise that Amazon is facing a very separate world when it first started the Kindle. Competition for the market is filling eReader at the low and high end. It has also been a lot of talk about who will discrown the ruler as the number one Kindle eReader. The eReader Kobo was released earlier this year, with an a little minimize price than the $ 149 Kindle, and Apple launched its attack on the market with the IPAD eReader multimedia.

Just as a difficult market, Amazon is facing a strange situation when consumer demand is adverse to the demands. On the one hand, demands are announcing Amazon that readers want an easy to use instrument that does not abstract from the reading experience. Something very "book-like." On the other hand, the specific demand are for a new state of the art apparatus with multi-media functionality, touch-screen technology, video display, etc. ..

How did Amazon acknowledge to these challenges? First, they not allured to create an electronic reader that does all things and distracts from their principal job or chore, namely reading. The Kindle 3 has left alone its simple interface and is still very "book-like." Secondly, Amazon has countered the budget eReaders enter the market with the launch of two versions of the Kindle 3. As such, a 3G WiFi Kindle ($ 189) and a Kindle with WiFi ($ 139). The Kindle 3G Wi-Fi device maintain the previous price of the Kindle 2, while adding plenty of new features. The Wi-Fi Kindle undermines the ample majority of e-readers on the market, while offering a mature product that is a backup of Amazon's book store with millions of titles to choose from.

Amazon focused on bettering the Kindle's elementary functionality, by letting the Kindle do what it does best: reading.

Amazon has bolstered up on the readability of the device, which by all standards was already very good. They claim 50% better contrast than any other eReader, improved readability under bright sunlight, and some new bettered fonts to read your books with.

The material device itself has also been made better. The size of the Kindle has been made smaller while maintaining the identical range for the reading area. The battery life span has also not been ignored. A simple charge can last up to one month.

The capacity for the Kindle 3 is now 3500 books which can be down loaded in under 60 seconds.

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