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Some of the Causes of Hypothyroidism

By: Arvinito Aaling

A thyroid condition, hypothyroidism, affects many people worldwide and many factors can trigger this problem. While men, women and children can al have this problem, it's most commonly suffered by middle-aged and older women. Some people may be prone to having this or other thyroid disorders due to various risk factors, such as genetics or lifestyle. Here are some possible ways that hypothyroidism may develop within you.

Some women develop hypothyroidism either during or following pregnancy. Normally, this will happen when the body naturally generates antibodies that will assault the cells of the thyroid gland. This is particularly harsh when it happens during pregnancy and can sometimes result with an early delivery or loss of the baby altogether. Research shows that when this kind of hypothyroidism is diagnosed in women, it was likely to have been present early on; but was not known. If a woman decides to go through pregnancy and has a thyroid condition; she will need extensive monitoring to avoid a worsening of the situation. After pregnancy, a certain percentage of women develop symptoms of either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. If you are threatened by hypothyroidism, you may want to consider what you are eating; it can make a difference. These foods are recognized as goitrogens; which is a fancy name for foods that may result in an enlarged thyroid gland or a goiter. If you are prone to this condition you should stay away from soybean and the foods they are infused with. This category would also deal with soy milk, soy sauce and tempeh. Just to name a few of the vegetables that may have a negative impact on your thyroid, you may include cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, etc. The majority of folks will not need to be concerned about these foods; however if you are subject to hypothyroidism, you will want to shy away from these foods.

It has been shown that respiratory infections may lead to hyperthyroidism in individuals. One respiratory infection, subacute thyroiditis, has been shown to cause the thyroid to expand in an agonizing manner. This type of infection typically goes away by itself, however, some people require medication to completely eliminate the infection. If you take the medication for the infection, hypothyroidism will more than likely develop. All in all, this particular hypothyroidism is not something to worry about, nor will it require hormone replacement therapy which some infections may necessitate. By allowing this infection to naturally go away, without the use of expensive treatments, you can limit its effects on your thyroid preventing hypothyroidism from developing.

Treating and diagnosing hypothyroidism can actually be problematic for many people. If your condition is very severe, many more troubling symptoms may manifest. Dealing with hypothyroidism, especially a major case, can be quite traumatic. Locate a physician that you can trust that actually may help you with this problem.

Understanding what leads to hypothyroidism in a person can help identify the appropriate therapy. Usually, a doctor will ask you several questions just before making a diagnosis in regard to this particular type regarding thyroid disorder. If you have a great abnormal thyroid gland, this will be identified through several tests that this doctor will administer. Understanding the symptoms and origins of hypothyroidism is the first thing to treating this problem and doing something to have it under control.

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