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Solo Served Coffee Unit Is Designed for Everyone

By: Jacabo Jacobs

People constantly asked me if there is an universal coffee maker, a coffee unit that is meant for everyone. Actually, there are several coffee machines that are meant for one cup of coffee and these are called single serve coffee machines.
Single serve coffee unit is a coffee machine that is very easy to fall in love with. It comes with the ease of instant coffee and the quality of roast and ground. From a private view, there might be some folks who oppose but I on the other hand love this type of coffee machine.
So, how simple is the ease of use for a solo coffee unit? To my amazement there is actually no grinding involved, also, you don't have to tamper for the correct coffee pack. If you want to drink espresso, simply choose an espresso coffee pod, insert it into the single serve coffee machine, press a button and out come your espresso.
Yes, it is that simple. The quality is breath-taking and you will never know it unless you experience it. Espresso is about the knocking sound, the grinding, the tamping, the dosing and the hissing sound of the steam (if you are making cappuccino), a single serve coffee machine at this moment cannot provide such an experience.
You should take into consideration that with an espresso machine you cannot leave it preprogrammed, with this machine you can.
There is no coffee drinker on earth who will reject a premade cup of coffee in the morning that is why this coffee unit is for just about anyone.
And it is also a fact that single serve brewer is the fastest growing segment for coffee machines, there are more consumers buying these coffee pod brewers than any other coffee machines.

But, the critics of single serve coffee always bring out the issue of closed system, trying to use that to discourage people to buy. In the past these type of single serve coffee machines did operate on a closed system.A person can only buy coffee that is represented by a coffee unit. So, for senseo you can only buy douwe egberts, and Melitta, you can only insert Melitta pods. But, that has since changed with the changes in business model for some of the unit manufacturers and also with the introduction of some great devices.
Most of the manufacturers share partnerships therefore they will allow other brands of coffee pods to be compatible with their products. So you see, there are some brands that allow you to make any type of coffee you want. To be truthful single serve coffee makers are very general.

The Perfect Pod maker is probably one of the easiest to use. You only need to choose the coffee ground you like, put it into the filter paper they provide then use the perfect pod machine to seal it into a coffee pod.
The Pod maker makes it possible to not worry about limits in coffee blends, therefore, you no longer have a closed system for coffee machines.
So as you can see, this truly is the perfect coffee maker for everybody because it is practically universal, it is easy to maintain, and it can even be preprogramed.

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