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Professional Bands - Making The Right Choice.

By: Simone Portmine

If you have been wondering how to choose a live band, then keep reading!

If you are the sole coordinator of the events like a wedding, or any other party such as a birthday or graduation party, it is important that you select a band that provides entertainment which will appeal to a large cross section of the guests that will be in attendance.

A lot of work goes into planning a party, especially a wedding party. There is an incredible amount of work to do and a lot to keep track of; especially when it comes to the reception.

There are many things to think about but probably the most important is the musical entertainment.

You can go in several directions, but hiring a DJ or a live wedding band are the most common choices.

Live music is likely to add so much more to your event than a DJ will.

The first step in choosing a wedding party band is to ask some of your guests what they want!

Many party organisers make the mistake of choosing a band that suits their own musical tastes rather than what the guests are going to enjoy.

The next thing that you should do when you are looking for a live band is catch them performing live because most of them perform in public as well as at private events.

Additionally, you may also want to ask them if they have a demo CD or preferably a video for you to take a look at. This will give you an idea of whether this band is a good fit for your wedding reception.

It is important to know their performance skill levels too. Just how professional are they? How long have they been together?

Most bands have individual and group biographies on their website. This will give you an idea of the calibre of the party band as a whole.

Your potential bands' website is also a great place for finding the best wedding band. To begin your research check out the photos, videos, and listen to the musical tracks that are usually posted on the band's profiles. All of these can help you to assess the band's level of performance and professionalism.

You might also like to look at the testimonials on their website. This will let you know how well their previous customers enjoyed the band. While you are there take a look at the bands repertoire of songs as well.

Try and find a band whose music is versatile that is it is likely to appeal to a lot of different people. For instance progressive jazz or heavy rock will only appeal to a small section of guests whereas 70's soul or disco music appeals both to the elder generation and to almost all other ages.

Negotiate a price with the band manager. Once you have accepted it ask for it to be put down in writing.

You will also most likely have to pay a deposit when you sign the contract in order to reserve the band for the date of your event - this deposit is generally non-refundable, so make sure that you have the date set in stone before signing a contract for a wedding band.

A week or two before the event, contact the band to confirm all of the important details; things like when they should arrive to set up, what they will be wearing and any other details which you need to discuss before the day of the wedding arrives.

Don't forget that the band is likely to have travelled a long way to play. Please provide them with food and drink either before or during the break in their performance.

Lastly give them the timeline of events so that they know exactly when they are expected to perform.

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