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Poetic Term

By: Nathaniel Patt

Poetry terms are words used to describe a poem. Many different terms are used depending on the type of poem. These words can be simple words like love, hurt and sadness or bigger words such as manipulated, frustrated or purity.

The word love is often used as a poetic term and it can have many different meanings when it comes to poems. A writer may use this word for a poem that describes their love for their kids, spouse, mother or friend. Romance is another poetry term similar to love. Poets may use this term to describe a relationship. When it comes to the word lust it can mean to want or have a sexual intention to it.

The word pain is used a lot for poems. It can stand for similar words such as hurt and suffering. Poets use this term a lot for poems about a time in their life when they got hurt in some sort of way. The hurt could have come from a friend, occurrence or breakup. A lot of writers start writing poetry using this term that's so related to poetry.

Sadness is a poetry term that can relate to depression, loneliness or feeling sad about something. Writers often write about losing people in their life. Such as a grandmother, grandfather, brother or father which is why the sadness term is a very common term in poetry. Poetry writers who use the depression term probably deal with depression since it describes their poem. Poets who do not have many friends or do not trust others may use the loneliness term to describe a poem.

Happy is a poetic term that can describe a poem. When the word happy is used to categorize a poem the poem will most likely be about something that makes the poet feel happy. A poem about somebody overcoming a drug addiction could be labeled with the happy term.

When the poetic term funny is used the poem that was written should have some kind of humor in it. A funny poem may be about the writer's life or about something else that is humorist. Not all poets write funny poems so this term is not often used to categorize poems.

When the term freestyle is used it's mostly used by urban writers. This term is used to describe a freestyle poem. A freestyle poem is a poem that is written based on the first thoughts that come to the poet's mind. This type of poetry is usually quickly written in no time.

Motivational is another popular poetic term. Poets may use this term through a written poem when they feel motivated, want to motivate someone else or want to motivate themselves. A poem about over coming life struggles can be classified as a motivational poem.

There are thousands of poetry terms. As long as poets continue to write poetry new ones will be created to describe the person's poems. People like to use poetic terms in order to associate their poem with a term and for the read to what type of poem they are about to read.

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