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Never Back Down Online Review

By: johnny qualsoon

Never Back Down online was perhaps the big surprise film of '08 for me. I walked into it in no way exactly anticipating much from it. At this time so you can get it out of the way it really is fundamentally Karate Kid having a new coat of paint on it. Nevertheless just what made me enjoy it was the concentrate on MMA and also how nicely its transitioned. Also as opposed to Karate Kid the main character in this case really looks to be able to hold his own in attack. There was clearly no chance Daniel-San should have beaten a respectable black belt and he should have in fact been left in a body bag or at the very least a stretcher, any way on to the review.

I really like MMA plus they paid a great deal of focus on showing the actions and techniques properly. The scenario may not have been strong yet there are plenty of spats that tell an account without having any kind of words being said whatsoever. Especially the end fights which are disregarded by quite a few. Pacing seemed to be just fantastic as there are buildups which make sense. Absolutely no big fights right away yet an excellent compensation. The performing by all of the leads (Hounsou, Faris and Gigandet) were excellent and played their characters well.

The negative, the Never Back Down online soundtrack was really generic well known material (Green Day, Gym Class Heroes, and Travis Barker mixes). The script could possibly of used a lot of work even though I did love the line "that old school boxing stuff does not cut it anymore ya gotta mix it up." A line which speaks volumes. The camera work appears to be amateur occasionally. Very bizarre zooms at pan shots and all of the performing by supporting cast was merely hit or miss mostly at the miss side.

Overall Never Back Down online was a good movie. Lots of fun and although it wont make you go out and sign up for a MMA team it does achieve its goal of being a film you are able to enjoy. Its finally turning up online free of charge so I really highly recommend it.

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