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By: Damo Nieheal

We live in a world where we are blessed with the Internet. About a century ago it would have sounded a science fiction story of massive proportions, if we would have to tell to a gathering of people that we have access to a technology which can search anything in the world, look for any information, find any one or communicate with someone half way across the world in the blink of an eye. Thankfully, we do not have to explain something of that massive proportion to an uninitiated mind and we can safely sit in the 21st century gleefully using that technology.

Speaking about searching, I had to ensure a predicament of slight proportions only recently, when a particular search took me running for information on the internet. I had to look for musicians for the wedding reception of my daughter. While I had wished a £3 CD from a Portobello store would have been sufficient, my daughter insisted that it has to be the real thing. A loving father of the bride as I was, I gave into the demands of my wife and my daughter. But the question is where to find musicians?

This was not one of those wedding where you would have a wedding planner who would do everything for you right from selecting the invitation card to the topping on the cake and speak in weird language that I hardly understood except for the bill which appears in plain English. So everything needs to be done annually as they say. Thanks to the Internet and a bit of help from my 12 years old nephew I quickly found out that there are online yellow pages which offer contact details of musicians who play on weddings.

A quick round up of the musicians that I had shortlist then I called them up individually and fixed appointments. The difficulty which I had to face in selecting the musician was a worse predicament than the trouble of finding the musicians for the wedding. Thankfully my daughter helped me out a she was looking for a band that could play some light and some foot tapping music which would be her choice for the wedding. I threw in a request for playing on of my all time favorites.

The wedding was a mixed emotion for me really. I have known Jamie for years and ever since he dated my daughter I started hating him. But that evening was different. It was a profound sense of loss mixed with emotions that reminded me of our wedding 27 years ago. The musicians for the wedding a band that I had selected played some of the most exquisite numbers including - stand by me let there be love and you do something to me. I could not resist myself when the musicians started playing, fly me to the moon and danced with my wife which felt as if we were just married.

Overall apart from the predicament of finding the musicians everything went perfectly well and I am happy that my daughter has settled down happily.

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