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Multi Level Marketing Attraction

By: Aldharios Vilorian

There is nothing scarier that a brand new Rep. super pumped about an MLM opportunity. Having enthusiasm is great, in fact you have to have some kind excitement; however, Multi Level Marketing Attraction is a concept based on not been NEEDY and this is a big issue in the industry. It is like dating, when you don't care, you will attract more. That's just the way it is. newbies in the MLM industry take rejection extremely personal; Attraction Marketers don't give a damn about rejection.

Multi Level Marketing is a business - we are not here to change the world - if you know what I mean.

- What Is Multi Level Marketing Attraction And How You Can Use It To Get Tons of Eyeballs Looking At Your Business?

For many Network Marketers it is and will always be a concept, these guys will never see the power of Multi Level Marketing Attraction and the reason is: they understand the concept, they read and talk about it but don't know how to evolve it into a SYSTEM, an actual machine or an automated attraction marketing system. Only until then, will always be a concept. The moment this concept is used as a System your business will ski-rocket.

- Facebook Attraction Marketing Phenomenon

We all know FB is the way to go. Many turn into FB connecting and writing endless comments.. How much time in a day do you think you need to actually GET PAID for commenting and connecting? Is this really Attraction Marketing?

Well.. Yes and No. If you are commenting without creating your own (highly value) content then you are doing it wrong. The off-line world works the same. When you walk into a party and start telling people how great they are without you contributing anything to the party, guess what? You are the LOSER of the party. But what if you walk in to the party and start showing interest, dancing, showing your best moves, bringing in some nice drinks, having fun and just been comfortable in your own skin. guess what? Eyeballs will turn to you! People will listen to what you have to say and people will follow you, period.

- What is NOT Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is NOT having any kind of originality. You must have something UNIQUE to add to the party.. Don't use other people content, create your own stuff, and put your imagination and creativity to work.

- Attraction Marketing Principals

Once you understand these principals your mind will go NUTS! You will start seen opportunities everywhere. The most important principal is to unattached yourself from the results; Masters at Attraction Marketing don't care AT ALL if you join or not, you have to live in a world of total abundance, endless people to talk to and you never look back or question why, what or how come this prospect didn't join? Or why your favorite rep quit or even worse what people will say if you don't succeed. These wussy thinking ideas will jeopardize how you attract people to your business. And the second most important principal is to be unique, create your own stuff.. Is kind of hard at the beginning but once you make a few screw up videos and some articles that no one reads, guess what? You will get better and better at it, if you create 1 piece of content daily you will be on your way to master Attraction Marketing within 90 days period.

P.S. Content creation will get you in the game, attract endless leads and convert existing prospects into your business. People will see you as a leader and will pay attention to what you have to say. Plus you will learn a TON just by doing the work.

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