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Make Money Using Seo

By: Brad Barr

Every web marketing guru knows ways to use SEO to earn money. In reality, SEO is their life blood despite what they are going to tell you in their newsletters. Have you attempted to test out one of their websites? How many aren't on the 1st page for a minimum of one of their keywords? I'll answer that query. None that I know of! These people know the way to do it, and they started by themselves.

OK, maybe now they can afford to pay others to do it, but you may be reasonably certain that you will not get the service that they get! If you were paying for a service, do you want the bloke you were paying to get you on the first page to supply the same service to your competition?

Naturally you would not. SO what chance do you suspect you have of employing a SEO expert and getting a top ten position? I will answer that on no fingers! Come on! Are you rally so nave as to believe all of these claims to get you in the top ten, not to mention Number one as some claim? OK, Number one for the keyword "blabebo": anyone can do that. What you need is a number one position for a good keyword in your niche, and no-one except Google can assure you that.

The same applies with a top ten position. The sole person capable of earning you a top ten position for any page on your internet site is you. You have got to optimize your page to make it appear tasty to the search engines.

"Attractive" means your internet page (Google lists pages, not sites) best meets the requirements of a Google search for the data that your net page provides according to the calculations of the statistical mathematical analytical system that is loosely named the Google algorithm, applied by supposed spiders that research the content of each of your webpages.

If you'd like to use SEO to earn income, you must find out how it works. Learn the way to make your internet site fascinating to the Google algorithm. Find out what semantics are and the way to use them to trick the spiders. The easiest way to maximize the entire latent power that's charged in each of your webpages, and the way to use the content on these pages to drive an enormous amount of traffic to your site.

That info is available to anyone who wants to find it online, if they know what they are searching for or where to go looking for it. That info is available, and it can make a large difference to your internet success. Anyone with any type of web business needs to understand this info and it is available for you free online if your know what to have a look for.

The issue with many is they do not know what to go looking for or where to get it. They take the recommendation they find, only to find out too late that what they have learned isn't right.

Stop being stubborn (check it out) and get it right. That may make all of the difference between failure and success. Learn the way to use SEO to earn income and you may never look back. Here are a few seo tips to get you started. Dump internet explorer and use the free Firefox web browser. All the SEO gurus use Firefox. Search Google for the phrase "firefox seo plugins" and see what happens!

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Brad Bahr has been promoting websites on the Internet full time for the last five years. Visit his website for solid information that you can use to finally make money online.

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