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Is heli skiing the fix for you?

By: Fackler Lint

Heli skiing in BC, Canada is the new bungee jumping. All the winter sports enthusiasts have heard about it and have been planing Christmas vacations in the Canadian Rockies, which proved to be a skiing heaven for the adrenaline seekers. The sport combines untraveled trails, filled with fresh snow, with speed and danger. Basically, heli skiing is off-trail, descending skiing and instead of being accessed by a regular ski lift, it's done by a helicopter. Since it has been promoted as a greatly exciting hobby, ninety-five percent of the practitioners have opted for the heli ski Canada, one of the best locations being the town of Revelstoke and its surroundings. In winter's time, the humid air brought about by the Pacific stream of air mixes with the cold one from the Rockies and turns the small town into a heliskiing paradise.

The heli ski in Canada fuss is all about being there first and enjoying the fresh, untouched snow. The whole concept revolves around the idea that people were tired of the same crowded ski lanes, set up in manipulated terrain by the equally crowded resorts. Add steep slopes and powder snow and you got yourself the recipe for an extremely successful business. Nevertheless, the risks of this sport are not negligible and you should definitely not try it without a guide present and proper equipment. One of the major risks you are facing comes from the weather, which can turn out to be pretty unpredictable. Storms may occur and carry significant amounts of snow, which settles on the slopes, turning them into very dangerous rides. For exactly this reason, professionals providers of heli skiing BC have set up special slopes, where tourists could enjoy the approximately same wildness, but in a safer environment. Another great risk is the one of avalanches. You must be very careful, as avalanches are mainly provoked by people, and you should beware neither to get caught in one, nor to start one.

Heli skiing in BC is not just every sport and it's not for everybody. So before jumping ahead with plans and accommodations, you should make sure you are up to it and that you will enjoy it. A first thing to consider would be your health. You ought to be in excellent health for this, because high altitudes are involved. Then, there is the stressful situations that you will have to deal with. You need to be able to cope with stress and unpredictability. And last, but not least, there is the financial aspect, as heli skiing can be pretty expensive and I'm talking four figures here.

This sort of experience is the two faces kind. It can be exciting and the greatest adventure of your life, but it can also turn out disappointing, too much of a hassle or simply not enjoyable at all. Therefore you need to consider it thoroughly before making the decision of taking up this sport. If everything mentioned above seems perfectly acceptable to you and fits your personality, then this is definitely the fix for you, so have fun!

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