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By: Dan Feildman

Adobe Photoshop is the worlds most used photo editor series, but still people hesitate to make a few clicks to work on it. There is a technical phobia for the term "Adobe Photoshop". Seldom do they realize it is easy to use, very user friendly, and a few hours to learn it is going to make you a Photoshop wizard! Believe me.. I am not blowing stories. It is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

Photoshop has a wide variety of graphic tools available. There are many softwares that are commercially available like Ability Photopaint, Corel painter, Corel photo-paint, Graphic converter, Photo Mechanic, TV paint and many versions. Each of the Photoshop version comes with various applications and options that can be accessed from the help menus of each version.

Abstracts are an interesting feature in Photoshop. The lens flare option in Adobe helps you create countless background effects, which you can use for your desktop or a screen saver. There are many online tutorials that give step by step guide to create 3-D shapes, Silver Abstract Vortex, Blood effects, glowing background effects and many more. There are very many abstract pattern motion backgrounds that can be created with this software. For any of these the steps are generalized as follows: click on white color for the layer that is background and hold down shift and then hit backspace. Then a few steps with the filter options within minutes you get abstract motions.

Photo retouch, is a technological aspect in Photoshop where in the aura of the purple color can be removed from your image. Say for instance at times when there is a voltage fluctuation, you try moving your hands in the air and watch it, you will see an aura of your hands due to the varied wavelength of the light. So there are instances when due to undesired light exposure you land up having purple fringes in your photograph, which can be effectively edited with the retouch option.

There is special software called Photoshop plastic surgery that our doctor uses to demonstrate when you are in for a cosmetic surgery of your nose or whatever organ. You can change seasonal effects from summer to winter.

Business card templates can be effectively created using Adobe Photoshop. All you have to do is chose from a list of stylish graphics the image for your business card, then click on the insert option, this opens and edit text box, where you insert the text. There after you change the font size and font color for the text you have entered for your business care and the business card is ready for printing. You can save them as a digital image and use it as e-business cards.

Photoshop finds wide application in web designing and has ample vacancies in the job market if one masters this particular photo editor. In this world of web page contacts you become an easy pick up employee for many companies that are in need of photo editors. So break the phobia and spend some time learning this efficient user friendly software.

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