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I am Legend Online Film Review

By: johnny qualsoon

I Am Legend online, the 3rd movie based on Richard Matheson's 1954 science fictional novel, proceeds as quickly as the infected mutants who chase this story's evident last dude standing; this hero's fate is made and the credits are running barely after you've managed to tune out the blabbermouth behind you.

Yet a thriller which seems quicker in comparison with an episode of Lost won't elicit nightmares as much as a big so what after all, if a scary film is of real holy bejesus caliber, you should be exhaling with relief by the end instead of thinking, "Wow, this went quickly!" Will Smith stars as Robert in I Am Legend online, a military scientist who decides to remain in Manhattan while his loved ones and the remaining portion of the island are evacuated during an epidemic.

He's positive he can uncover an antidote to a virus that itself was touted as the cure for cancer, but a few years following the quarantine, New York's roads are overgrown with weeds, and Robert is alone along with his German shepherd, Sam. He as well as Sam venture out by day, racing throughout the metropolis in a Mustang (which is exhilarating to view, however you wonder precisely what the actual rush is) to find food, pay a visit to the movie store, and hold on to some sense of routine/sanity. Then Robert and Sam lock themselves down at night, hiding from the hairless, angry millions of a vampire-zombie mix identified as "dark seekers." An empty town, a sole survivor, a "virus" that can rightly be altered with rage yes, it is all quite 28 Days Later, except, well, it is not as good. Director Francis Lawrence lowers his game by resorting to lame scares, the lack of which in turn is pretty much all of which rescued his only other feature, 2005's Constantine, from becoming completely a disaster. There are a few deftly traumatic scenes here one during which Robert chases Sam into a darkish street is really a high light plus Smith is a worthy enough lead, tamping down his quippage and expressing anger and not using a single "Aw, haall no!" Horror fans in search of a lot more substantive enjoyment, nonetheless, might find that phrase handy. Watch I Am Legend online don't throw away cash on this nonetheless.

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