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Humor Way to Earn Money

By: Haider Raza

First Way:
A man have millions died away and all of his money passed towards his son but unfortunate that his son did not know the A B C of the business. But he have to worked for his stomach so he have an idea to start some business. He first start a shop of shoes in a market where there was 400 other shop so its mean too many customers a day. Some days gone, some customers come and some not but he get a income of 100$/month.

Next month he also work hard but have the income of only 125$/month and worked hard for other 6 months his income only reached to the 145$/month. He thinks that this is not enough for its daily use and at the point he is thinking about this and a man comes towards him and ask "can you tell me the way to wash room?", he replies "there is no wash room in this market".

Some other months passes away and he is not satisfy with this business. So he starts a new business of a clothes in the same market with having a loss of a one million from his previous business. Now he gets the income of only 200$/month which also does not satisfy him, standing in his shop thinking about this problem, his neighbor shop keeper asks him that "can you please tell me the way to wash room" he replies the same that "there is no wash room in this market".

After taking another experience of another business in the same market he only lefts with 500 thousand dollar. Now for spending whole life this is not enough for him, so now he will have to take a very serious and planned step for himself. Now from his shop he only gets the income of 300$/monthly also with having too much tension about his life. Some days and nights passes away, he thinks and thinks but nothing satisfy him at last a cold night sleeping on his bad, seeing towards the sky, takes his attention towards the one of business.

He just stands on his bad with the lound sound of "yeah!". Next morning he gone towards his shop and sold it out for 500 thousand dollars and at same day he bought a shop in the same market at another location which was in the center of market. He bought a very small shop and build something new on that floor by the help of labours.

After some days he standing on his friend's shop in the same market, a person comes towards him and asks the same question that "can you please tell me the way to wash room" he replies "just follow me". He takes that person towards his shop where there he build two wash rooms. The person goes inside the wash room and when just relaxes he tries to open a wash room door but its locked. He sees a screen on the door appearing with message "put 5$ in the whole below to open the door". Now he is getting 300 to 400 dollars a day from this wash room shop.

Second Way:
A clerk in a shoe shop tells the owner that she is getting a good many complaints about a model of shoe that the store has recently begun to sell.

"I think we ought to sell out just as fast as we can," says the clerk. "We could advertise the shoes as a wonderful bargain and lower the price just a bit."

"No, no," says the owner. "I won't make any false representations. I've never done that and I won't start now."

She thinks for a minute. "No," she says, "I just won't do it. It is an inferior grade of shoe, and I will never pass it off as anything better. So do this: Put it in the window and mark it 'A Shoe Fit for a Queen.' A queen doesn't have to do much walking."

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