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How to be the Best Life Coach

By: Luz Gale

It's never easy to carve your niche into a crowded market. It also isn't easy to rise to the top of your profession without roadblocks along the way. In the field of life coaching, while professionally fulfilling, it can be a challenge to stand out from the competition. The profession has seen a boom in recent years and while it's the best time to be a life coach, the life of a life coach (no pun intended) can be a difficult one.

First your personal life should ideally be in good shape all the time. Your clients may not appreciate their own coach having a messy personal life. After all, you cannot tell them, "do as I say and not what I do." We're all human, so there are days when we don't feel our very best. But even then, as a coach, you need to always put your best foot forward to serve your clients.

Secondly, continuing your education in coaching is crucial to stay ahead of the game. Coaching is a field that is always changing and new methods are constantly evolving. Garnering new skills is great for any life coach. Imagine the benefits your clients will receive because of your improved skills and experience in coaching.

Also, being a life coach means you have to network. If you're happy with your list of clients then that's fine but you won't always have those clients to keep you afloat profit-wise. You need to always be on the look out for opportunities to network and expand your list. Don't be afraid to hand out calling cards at events or promote yourself and your products online. In this day and age, everyone has a website and you should too. Make sure your website is easy to access and has all your pertinent information like how to contact you and what your hours are. If you have products like a book or recorded seminar, you should also find ways to promote them.

But you must never forget that the true essence of being a great life coach is your ability to listen to the needs and problems of your clients. You need to be an empathetic shoulder to lean on and a cheerleader too. Life coaches don't always have to give advice, sometimes your clients just need a little push in the right direction or an objective point of view they haven't seen before.

Life coaching isn't for people who want to get rich quickly, it's for people who really care about others and want them to fulfil their true potential.

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