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How to Sexually Attract Women? The Three Traits You MUST Possess!

By: Marcus Christopher

What guy out there does not want to know how to sexually attract women?

The thing of it is, the things that most guys think or assume will work to create sexual attraction with a woman are not the real triggers that cause a woman to feel this way about a guy. If you want to be the kind of man that women lust after (who does not?), and you want to be able to create real and intense sexual attraction with a woman, then there are a few traits that you MUST possess in order to make it happen.

What are the three traits that a man must possess in order to sexually attract women?

Here they are:

1. You must display alpha male confidence.

This gets right to the core of what triggers attraction with women. Being able to come across as a confident male is a real easy way to increase your sexual attraction with women. A woman needs to see you as a "real" man and to display this, she needs to see that you are not the kind of guy that kind of cowers down in her presence. Some guys kind of try and take on the stance that the more they cater to a woman, the more likely it is that she will be attracted to him. This is not at all what you want to do.

2. She needs to see you are a fun guy to be with.

What would be the point of going on a date if it was not going to be a good time? Not much to that, is there? In order to sexually attract a woman, you have to be able to show that she will have a good time with you. To do this, you need to be able to crack a joke here and there and not really get hung up on a lot of stuff. You do not want to be too serious with a woman if you really want to light the fires of passion and sexual attraction.

3. You need to show social proof.

Being able to display that you are comfortable in different social settings is really important to create a little allure with a woman. The more social proof that she sees, the more likely it is that she is going to desire you. This is why it is important not to be afraid to flirt with other women once in a while and not try to be solely focused on one woman. Yeah, they might complain about it, but they complain because it drives them WILD.

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