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How to Become a Life Coach: Do You Have What It Takes?

By: Luz Gale

Last year was a particularly harrowing year for me. There was a lot of illness in my family, I lost my job, and my marriage was struggling. It was a difficult period and there were times when I just wanted to give up. But giving up just wasn't an option for me so I sought help. My life coach, John, was instrumental in getting me back on my feet and looking in a positive direction. He encouraged me to make the necessary changes in my life so that I could move on and be happy again. I can't go into the details of my personal life, but needless to say, I'm still here and I'm thriving.

John was a lifeline to me and he's a lifeline to so many people. Being a life coach is rarely 'just a job' because it's necessary that life coaches truly care about their clients. If you're interested in how to become a life coach, you need certain characteristics to be successful.

A life coach is often a mixture of parent, football coach, cheerleader, friend and lifesaver. Life coaches need to be empathetic and sympathetic yet stern enough to dole out the tough love. They need to be objective yet sensitive to different personalities. They need to be strict with you yet flexible enough to change course when the need arises. Yes, it's a tall order but anyone can learn how to become a life coach.

Life coach certification isn't always necessary but it will get you a leg up in the competition for clients. After all, a potential client will 4 out of 5 times go with someone who is certified than one who isn't since they believe he or she is more qualified.

Once you do get certified, remember that your education isn't over! Keep learning skills in coaching, and keep attending seminars. This will not only make you a better coach, but it will benefit your clients tremendously as well. Like doctors who continually learn new medical innovations, you have to improve and move with the times too.

As a life coach you also have to be a people person in more ways that one. Having the skill of one on one coaching is great but you must also be skilled in networking. Don't think for one minute that clients will just flock to you like magic. You have to seek them out! You have to actually compete for them in a flooded market. Life coaches sometimes live or die by referrals and if your current clients aren't 'working' for you then you must do something more to gain new clients.

Are you still interested in becoming a life coach? Remember that it's a selfless job that has long hours and demanding clients. If you think you're up to it, then take the plunge and start changing lives today!

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