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How can you use light stone?

By: Beyon Designs

As the name itself suggests, light stones are more of natural colored stones that are normally use to overlay pathways and patios. A lot of people have been using light stone landscaping and also it has become very popular because of its flexible nature and availability in wide range of colors, shapes and textures. One can get this kind of landscaping done in various styles and designs starting from formal, classic to many others. People use natural stone because it is natural expression of the earth and this kind of stone is formed with the process of mixing few ingredients, slowly cooking them and after that they are worked with immense pressure until it turn solid and that is when the stone is made. If you want to make your landscape pleasing to the eye and very attractive yet simple then you should go for this type of stone. There are various other places where you can use light stone, such as driveways, patio, and benches to name a few.

If you want to do natural stone landscaping, it is entirely your choice to select the type of stone that you want to use for it. For example, in areas like reception and other similar areas you should use stone that can suit every kind of footwear and also make sure that you use stones that has smooth surface. In case of selecting stones for steps make sure you choose the one that are not slippery especially when it’s wet and one can easily walk on them. On the other hand, it is recommended to use smooth stones for areas like patios and other areas like sitting area or dining area where you think there is a need for a ground surface. Similarly, if you are looking for stones in areas like eating, one should always chose stones that are not permeable and they should not absorb oils, stains and so on. Color is also of importance when it comes to selecting natural stones because it adds up a lot to the overall appearance, look and the feel of the area.

If you are looking forward to make a big shape a little small or if you want to enchase it, then you should use brighter and darker stone and on the other hand, if you want to make a small space look bigger then you should go for light stone and you can use colors like beige, chocolate and so on. This way with the help of various colors in stones, you can change the overall appeal of a space. One of the major reasons of the popularity of natural stones is that they make the area look natural and also they fit in almost any kind of environment. They are very well suited for both formal and informal environmental settings however, the overall look depends on the type of stone you choose and the color of stone you choose and also sure that it very well matches with your own personal style.

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