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How To Remote View; A Novices Guide

By: Edward Fitzwirt

Taking a remote view involves broad and many faceted subjects. However, simply put actual viewing is being somewhere and seeing something as it is happening. Remote viewing is seeing something while being in a distant and remote location.

Since no one really knows how or why remote viewing actually works, the details thereof do seem to be debatable for some. However, scientific reports show that remote viewing does in fact work.

Infact, it works so well that numerous governments in the world have used such practices for their own security, in order to remotely view what the enemies are up to.

Most of these governments dropped the programs out of concern that the techniques could be used against as well as in their interests, with the relevant documents having been declassified since. These documents, in fact have led to an interest in the ability to remote view amongst the general public.

How does one remotely view?

When you start to use your powerful potential of extrasensory perception, you can succeed in remote viewing.

Like astral projection and other psychic abilities, remote viewing lets your astral body be present in one place while your physical body is elsewhere.

Hence, if you can remote view, you can see anything when you feel like it. You can see any place on this planet or view the space or other planets according to your will. Moreover, you can remotely view any events of the past, present as well as the future.

Remote viewing abilities exist deep within each of us waiting to be discovered. However, for some individuals, this ability comes naturally.

But most people have to make a dedicated effort in order learn how to properly focus and to train the conscious mind to achieve remote viewing.

Even if you are interested in experiencing the reality in an alternative perspective and live life with a different flavour, you will find that learning such abilities such as remote viewing would be extremely beneficial to you.

When you undergo remote view training, what you will essentially learn is how to naturally operate at a high vibration with the power of your thoughts.

What Can You Do To Enhance Your Remote Viewing Abilities?

There exist various techniques or methods that would help you to learn remote viewing. But in order to make any of those methods work, what you need to do first is to lean how to calm your mind and focus intensely on an object, event or person which you cannot physically view otherwise.

While developing your powers of extrasensory perception, it is essential that you have an open mind.

Learn the methods and techniques of both meditation and visualization that work well for you, whether they are practiced in your home using one of the products that are available or under the guidance of an expert.

One excellent idea when you begin to learn and practice remote viewing is to keep a remote viewing journal.

With this you can track your progression of remote viewing. Without having to actually be, in any particular area, you can remote view any place or scene you desire to see.

A habit of asking yourself a particular question before going to sleep everyday is a good thing. Remember the message you receive and make sure you note it down in your remote viewing journal. Remember to practice remote viewing where you will not be disturbed.

Another good exercise which can be of assistance as you learn to remote view is to hold a picture face down so you cannot see it. Concentrate on viewing the image; this will take some practice, but will go a long way towards developing your remote viewing abilities and with time, you'll be able to view the picture in your mind.

Patience is extremely important in any remote viewing endeavors. Remember, that maintaining the journal will ultimately help you in identifying what works best for you and your strength and weaknesses. Such efforts and practice will ultimately tap into and develop other hidden potential that you have buried within.

There are many resources available that can help you in your success and progression of learning the art remote view. It is known to be one of the finer arts of the body, mind and soul and is very similar to the development of other kinds of sensory skills.

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