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How To Buy A Tie

By: Milton Sandy

Ties are the finishing touch to your ensemble and need to be selected carefully. Your clothes are a large part of the first impression you make when you walk into the room. You want that impression to be a positive one.

Always buy a tie of the correct length. Standard ties are 130-1150 centimeters. Tall men should wear a longer tie. You want the tip of the tie to be just above your belt buckle. Select a width in fashion. If you want a tie that will always be in fashion select an 8-9 centimeter tie. When selecting a tie you need to think about the patterns and colors of the suits and shirts you will be wearing alongside the tie. If you are going to wear the tie with a sports coat and trousers consider the color of the jacket and the trousers.

If purchasing a tie from a website it is sometimes difficult to determine subtle differences in color and pattern. It is ideal if you have the shirt and suit with you when selecting a tie and can lay the tie next to the shirt and suit and actually see the effect of the combination. Buying on line this is not possible so do your best and check out the sites return policy in case the tie you get is not what you thought you were purchasing.

When selecting a tie in a store or on line take the time to examine the tie fabric and how the ties are made. Ties should be either a silk polyester blend or silk. Ties that are hand stitched with the same fabric on the inside as the outside are generally considered quality ties and a seven fold silk tie is the best of the best. Cheap machine made ties are just that, a quality handmade tie on sale is a great find, but generally you really do get what you pay for when purchasing a tie.

Ties come in many colors and patterns. Look for a color and pattern that will compliment more than one of your suits. Look for a tie that reflects an image you want to create or a statement you want to make. A serious business meeting will call for a more conservative tie than a social event with close friends.

If you are selecting a tie to go with a dark suit a lighter colored tie in the same hues is a good choice. A solid tie is a safe bet for both striped shirts and patterned shirts. A dark shirt can be brightened up with a lighter tie and a lighter shirt will show off a dark tie nicely. A red or blue tie is usually a safe bet.

Ultimately, the choice of tie is a personal decision and the tie you select should be one you will be comfortable wearing. If you are not comfortable the first time you put on the tie with your suit and shirt return it and look for another.

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Milton Sandy is a Memphis Bankruptcy Attorney who likes to write about the strategic use of power ties and practices family law mediation in Memphis, TN after having practiced divorce law extensively for several years.

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