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Garden sculptures and water features

By: jeff andrew

If you want your garden to look more visually interesting and to make it more pleasant to be in, then there are few better ways than with garden sculptures and water features. Here we will look at what options are available here and how they can help to make your garden more attractive and interesting.

Garden Sculptures

In terms of sculptures there are many different things you can choose from. On the one hand you might opt for a statue of some sort and there are many options here that are popular. For instance you might choose to go for a Grecian or Roman looking statue that will make our garden look like a scene from a Greek play (looks great with an arch), or you can go for a more modern looking gnome or squirrel that is more in keeping with a more traditional garden. Then there's the option of some kind of other more obscure sculpture such as some form of modern art. There are many bronze sculptures that consist of bent pieces of metal that despite their lack of obvious resemblance to anything make a striking and visually interesting image in your garden.

Another option might be to use a sculpture that doesn't stand, but that rather hangs from a wall or even from a branch. You can get all kinds of sculptures to do this job well, whether you opt for a piece of obscure art to hang, or whether you opt for a sculpted face or animal again.

Water Features

There are many water features available for gardens that can add greatly to the area and lend both a new visual element and a sense of movement and relaxation. Trickling and running water for instance can be highly relaxing and can help you to feel peaceful when you're sitting in your garden. Meanwhile the movement of the water can be quit hypnotic, and particularly when it catches the light or refracts the lights that are built into it. This way it will seem almost as though your entire garden is dancing with light and that can be highly scenic and quite romantic if you're with a partner.

There are just as many options here as there are for sculptures. You can opt for instance to again have a statue that spits or trickles water, or you can choose to make it look more like a natural rock formation and small waterfall or brook.

There are also various modern art options again here, and it is possible for instance to get fountains and other water features that rather than fall instead create the illusion of perpetual motion or make a sphere spin around. In short there are plenty of different options for your fountains, though all of them will make your garden look and sound more relaxing and will even attract more wildlife as they come to drink from and bath in your fountains.

Choosing one of these items for your garden is a great way to make your garden much more interesting, and it can make a great focal point for your outdoor areas just as you probably have focal points for your rooms inside.

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Centre pieces in your garden, such a garden sculptures can take it from good to great. Another item that can do this is of course water features.

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