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Finding a Program to Build Lean Mass Quickly

By: Rick Bootcamp

With the advancement of fitness science, it's no longer necessary to sacrifice LIVING in order to be exceptionally fit. Gone are the days of spending four hours training in order to build lean mass fast. Does fitness require commitment, time, and hard work? Of course it does, but with a number of well-researched, efficient, and effective fitness programs out there, you can cut your daily time commitment easily in half. I'm not saying it's time to drop the iron, but you can get ripped AND still have time for your loved ones, hobbies, and sleep! Here are a few indicators to look for when evaluating a new fitness program.

1) Full body involvement

Many of the workouts you'll see out there spend all of their time focusing on the glamour muscles - the biceps, pecs, and abs. We all want to look great on the beach, but by working the WHOLE BODY, we build lots of lean muscle mass, which burns away fat faster and contributes to overall fitness and ability.

2) Some focus on nutrition

I'm not saying you need to commit yourself to a program that limits you to tuna and egg whites in order to get into the best shape of your life, but it's true what they say: ripped abs are built in the kitchen. Anyone who tells you that they can get you ripped, but spends zero time talking about what you put into your body is a liar. Plain and simple.

3) Believable testimonials

Look for reliable testimonials for any program you are interested in. The earmarks of a reliable testimonial include:
- Testimonials you haven't seen before, with unique photos.
- Several sources of testimonials - first-hand information from sources OTHER than a sales page are a great sign. Check forums for this.
- Programs by smaller companies or individuals may be willing to give you contact information for real-life users. It never hurts to ask!

4) An accessible support network
What sort of support network is in place for the program? Can you contact the company or creator with questions? Is there a user forum or workout tracking service available? These features can be absolute lifesavers when you start to drag.

With a little common sense, and these tips, you should be well on your way to build lean muscle fast. Look for a program that appeals to your goals and your personality. Work the program HARD, and enjoy your results.

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Rick Young is an Independent Beachbody Coach committed to helping you to reach your fitness goals, regardless of where you're starting out from. To find out about Rick, his progress, or to get free coaching => ">CLICK HERE!

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