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Find A Great Guy In No Time!

By: Marcus Christopher

Want to know how to get a guy back in your life? Normally, the way it is with guys is what you see is what you get. Playing mind games isn’t really their style. They may attempt it every now and then, but it all ends in failure, or if they do succeed, it’s for the little things like getting you to agree on a boy’s night out (which you often do anyway because you don’t want to appear needy).

Now, the thing about women is that most of them have the tendency to pick on every little thing, and over-analyze each bit of detail—be it a smile or a gesture or some odd word or phrasing that was heard during a conversation. A lot of women also like playing mind games, thinking that it’s the same for guys. This is where things go wrong.

If you want your guy back, don’t go over the top. Stick to the basics. If he’s meant to be with you, getting him back shouldn’t involve rocket science, or schemes so elaborate, it’s like a story straight out of Agatha Christie. Let your attempts be simple and genuine.

Work on yourself

You are important. You are worthy of love and respect. You deserve as much happiness as everyone else. You can do a lot of things when you put your mind to it. You will not eat bad food or put anything bad in your body because you deserve better than that. You will keep fit and healthy. You will take care of yourself because you are worth it. After you’ve done all this and have seen results, move on to the next step.

Be happy

Right now, as you are, find joy in your life. Embrace all the positive energy around you and let it influence you in your dealings with others. Be at peace with the world—including your ex. This is not an easy task per se, and it will take time. However, it is vital to improving your relationship with your ex. Whatever resentment you have towards him, let it go. Let this be a sincere move. Your good aura will attract others, including your ex, making him feel good around you. Also, because he feels good around you, he wants to be near you.

Be open

Keep yourself open to all the possibilities around you. Embrace your potential. Don’t be bogged down by routine. Go ahead and find an adventure. Meet new people. Reconnect with your friends and family. Open yourself up to the good things. Get out of whatever rut you are in. Recognize yourself as an individual and not as half of a whole that has been broken. Again, this may take time. Your efforts must be genuine and done for your benefit—not with your ex in mind. However, by being more receptive to things that life throws at you and by being more independent, you stand a better chance of getting your ex’s admiration rather than his pity; thus, making you more attractive.

Lay your cards down the table

Once you’ve finished all three steps and ample time has passed, and you still feel that you want him back, if the situation allows it (i.e., if he is still single), have a heart-to-heart discussion with your ex. Tell him about how you feel. Say it as it is. For the right guy, this should seal the deal.

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