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Fat People - Whether they are Useless for Society?

By: JackJ Reynolds

There are different types of people, depending upon their body dimensions and physique. Smart, fatty and obese people are there. People do not like fat people generallyIt might be because, their health and disfigured body does not leave any good impression on the mind of the people. Some of the fat people are too much obese and they are even not able to perform their routine work. We can find obese people are criticized by slim and smart individuals. Due to their body physique, fat and obese peoples, people laugh and criticize. Some people entertain others using the fat and obese people. People organize entertainment programs using fat people to in the public . Even obese people take part marathon race, wrestling and other activities

Only those fat people who possess a good sense of humor, and can bear all the comments of individuals on their physique, are invited in such activities to participate. By doing all these entertainment activities, obese. People can also prove that they are not inferior . Obese people also can perform better in several respects.

Because of underlying disease like hormonal imbalances, people will be obese. It becomes difficult to acquire normality in some cases. Fat people also enjoy to live their life happy and prosperous.

Fat people doesn't mind about their fatness and do well in the many activities. They can go to the office in order to perform their work. They have the capability to do even cleaning house, gardening and any type of indoor activities. They won't hesitate to participate or play different entertainment games. Less hard activities, like golf and other games would be played by the people.

Even we have examples of several fat people, who had been playing different physical and strenuous games at the international level. Fat people are just like the normal individuals. They are also human beings and they too have feelings and emotions. People should not criticize and to make fun of them. People get obese, because of their eating habit and some internal problems.

Though they are obese, they are also citizens of our country. They also have some rights like others. Everyone in this world is useful, and can play their active role in the society. We should understand the value of these people and should not discriminate them. Finally, it may be concluded that "Fat people are not useless for the society". They too can perform all the works like us. They are also equal to us.

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