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Famous Avantgarde Music Composers

By: chrishealeymusic

Music is one of the finest things in the world.It enlightens one’s mind and soul.It creates positivity and bliss everywhere.And all thanks to the wonderful composers who compose such a mesmerizing music for us, so that we can enjoy every tune and have a fee of it.There are many famous music composers who have given a whole amount of new face to the music ranging from classical to rock to hip hop to jazz etc.There have been excellent music composers from medieval era, renaissance era, romantic era, classical era etc.

Since 17th century there have been many famous music composers like Antonio Vivaldi, Joseph Haydn etc,that of 18th century were Ludwig von Beethoven, Fredric Chopin etc.the famous one’s of 19th century were Gustav Mahler, Claude Debussy etc.and the giving great hit in 20th century were Arnold Schoenberg, John Cage etc.Music has been relishing everyone since long and all the gratitude goes to the makers of this music.They have composed varieties of music with same passion and compassion so that the listener just forgets all the sorrows and gets into the midst of the tune and feel light and relaxed.

Though there are many different genres in music and of the quite famous is Avant-garde music.This type of music is thought to be ahead of its time and it is made by mixing or fusing many different elements of genres.John cage brought in the world this type of music which blurred the difference between the music type and non-music type. He freed the composition from the composer. His music was of higher dimension and gave a whole new definition to the music.This music was originated by the forms and rules out of the music, giving it a whole new look.

Avant-garde music pushed the normal way of making music further and ahead of its time.The composers of this type of music had thinking way different from the general way of thinking. They used the unusual fusion of different instruments and sounds and created a new style naming it experimental esthetics.This type of music is the result of various experiments done by the artists by fusing various instruments, sounds and who did not obey the rules of generally accepted music.This music brought revolution and many people are great fans of this type of music as it gives an experimental fringe to different genres ranging from classical to techno jazz.

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