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Don't Let Your Skin Wither Like the Leaves This Fall

By: Samantha Dale

As we bid adieu to our shorts and sundresses in October, we also need to leave behind our summer mindset and embrace the changes of fall. As the trees start shedding leaves, our skin tends to transform too, shedding dehydrated flakes of skin making our bodies dryer, even scaly or rough. These symptoms tell you that it's time to switch your current skin care routine, into one that is more appropriate for this season.

Even though it's the season to start covering up, this does not mean that you can get away with leaving your skin unattended. Under your jeans, sweaters and boots your skin becomes dehydrated, dry and patchy. It rubs against the material of your clothing which can make your skin flake, and leave embarrassing white patches if it is insufficiently moisturized. People tend to take hot showers in cold weather, which makes the skin even dryer. Hot water removes too much oil from your skin, making it rough and can cause some skin damage unless moisturized correctly.

You can avoid all that by following a really simple and thorough skin care regimen, by yourself or with help from Artisan. Our skin care professionals will show you things you can incorporate into your skin-care routine to ensure that your skin looks fresh and glowing throughout the season.

A new season inspires a change in lifestyle- new clothes, new shoes, maybe a new hairstyle. Why should your skin-care regime be any different? Here are some tips that would help make the transition easier:

Switch your fun, tropical, bubbly shower gels to something more luxurious! Fruity shower gels are preferred by many in summer, as they are refreshing and smell divine. However your choice of shower gel might not make you feel the same way as the weather gets colder. Make sure you get a soap-free, hydrating shower gel, as nothing dries out your skin the way soap does.

Another option which is even better is switching to shower creams and milk baths. Apart from being excellent moisturizers, they feel luxuriant and have the perfect mild scent to suit the weather.

Effective facial cleansers for the fall months are mostly those that are cream-based. They lock in their own moisture, which prevents your skin from getting dehydrated. If they are used along with a complementing hydration face cream, it will help in forming a protective barrier against extremes in temperature.

Hydrating dry skin is essential during fall. There are many great products that can help your skin to retain its moisture and smoothness. Lotions and body-creams created for this specific purpose are abundant in the market. The best times to use these are directly after you have dried yourself off a bath or shower, as it helps preserve the moisture that has already been absorbed by your skin. Body Butters are great for this purpose. They are both fun and luxuriant. Some examples are Shea-butter, Cocoa-butter, Almond-butter, Brazil-nut- butter and Macadamia-butter.

Just because you're wearing clothes that cover you up does not mean you can forgo using sunscreen. There are plenty of sunscreens which are specifically designed for cold weather. A simple moisturizing sunscreen with SPF 30 would suffice. Try to get the ones which are mineral based, with a matte finish. Lastly, do not forget your nails and feet! Dry cuticles are a tell-tale sign of insufficient skin care, which can be prevented by the simple expedient of putting a few drops of cuticle oil on your nails per day. Your feet are already strangled by heavy tights, boots and close ended shoes. Do invest in a good foot exfoliation and moisturizing product such as pumice foot scrub so your feet will remain soft and ready to embrace sandals when the time comes. Visit Artisan for all your skin care needs!

Here's to a well moisturized season!

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Artisan Laser Skin Care Center provides laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, tattoo removal, chemical peels, and anti-aging skin care treatments for men and women.

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