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Dealing With Thyroid Disorders - The Causes Of Hypothyroidism

By: Abtik Kwarta

Knowing the causes of hypothyroidism can make it easier to find the right treatment. What usually occurs at a doctor's office is that your diagnosis will begin with several questions from your doctor which will lead to a form of treatment. After this, several tests may be administered in order to determine any abnormalities. As you read this article, you will start to understand what causes hypothyroidism and what you can do for the treatment of this problem.

There are certain medications that can cause or worsen hypothyroidism. If you have a bipolar disorder, and you use lithium, this can actually aggravate your thyroid. The symptoms of a thyroid disorder will appear with many that take lithium regularly. You can also develop goiter which is a swelling of your thyroid gland. Your neck swells as a result. To treat abnormal heart rhythms, Cordarone is often given which can adversely affect the thyroid gland. Medical conditions that require the use of prescription drugs (such as epilepsy or depression) can also inspire hypothyroidism to begin. If you're only taking medication temporarily, the symptoms will probably stop once you're no longer taking it. It is important that you understand the side effects that may occur if you take prescription medications for a long time. Ask your doctor for this information.

There has been some research that has shown that environmental factors are to blame for hypothyroidism. Prolonged exposure to PCBs has been shown to create not only hypothyroidism, but other health disorders that are the byproduct of this exposure. Ingesting too much fluoride on a regular basis may lead to hypothyroidism in the future. Many water supplies contain high levels of fluoride, and there is increasing evidence that this can be harmful in many ways. Dental fillings that use mercury, and pesticides sprayed near your home, could also contribute to this problem. There is evidence that smoking can cause or worsen thyroid disease, so even second hand smoke may contribute to such problems. In conclusion, hypothyroidism may actually be caused by environmental factors, something that we should all consider.

The thyroid gland specifically requires the trace mineral iodine. The substance is not only useful for your body in regard to your health, but also for thyroid hormone production. This is found most commonly today in iodized salt, but it's also present in seafood and seaweed, as well as plants grown in soil rich in iodine. In certain parts of the world, many people suffer from iodine deficiency, and this can lead to hypothyroidism and other health problems. Many of us have quite a bit of salt everyday. This salt, if iodized, will prevent us from getting hypothyroidism. If you don't have salt in your diet, you can become iodine deficient leading to thyroid problems.

It is possible for someone to have hypothyroidism, sometimes for many decades, yet not know that they have it until the symptoms begin to overwhelm them. If you discover that you are at risk with this condition, once you know the symptoms, you can do something about it. With so many different types of hypothyroidism in existence, you really need to know what is causing the one that you have. Be sure to keep up to date with all of the latest information on hypothyroidism so that, if you do have this thyroid disorder, you can do something about it with the latest techniques.

Understanding what reasons hypothyroidism in a person might help identify the proper therapy. Usually, a doctor will inquire you several questions before making a diagnosis in regards to this particular type of thyroid disorder. If you have an abnormal thyroid gland, this will be discovered through several tests how the doctor will administer. Understanding the symptoms along with origins of hypothyroidism is choose to treating this condition and doing something to get it under control.

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