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Choosing a Professional Wedding Photographer.

By: Esther Janet

1-Meet your photographer.

Your Photographer will be with you more than any other paid person on your Wedding, arguably the most memorable day of your life. So if you¡¯re not comfortable with your photographer, and their personality isn¡¯t to your liking, then the photos and potentially your whole Wedding experience will inevitably suffer on the day.

2-Read the fine print.

Find out in detail what you expect to receive, whether it is edited images in high resolution provided on DVD, or prints that you must pay for later. Some Photographers require exclusive rights to photography at Wedding, meaning that they do not allow any other photography so that they may sell more.
3- Make sure your wedding photographer does this as a full time job.

It is a sign of inexperience that a photographer does this as a side job. It is so easy to miss that one photo on a wedding day that can never be photographed again, so a wedding photographer that has experience will know where to stand and what to expect, rather than fumble around and stand in the wrong position to miss the vital shot.

A set of photos will take anywhere up to 20 hours to edit, so weekdays should be consumed by editing photos, instead of working another 9-5 job.
It's also worthy to note that wedding photographers (portrait) are VERY different to studio, landscape, architectural, car, modeling and other forms of photography. Learning how to use a camera is the only common thing that is shared between photographers of different genre. A good wedding photographer should go beyond this and capture the moment, expressions and feelings in a photo, rather than a snapshot of the day. Wedding photography is arguably the most difficult of all as it requires fast paced thought with judicial use of available lighting to make what's best of the situation. Other photography genres are usually slow paced with lighting controlled and setup with a chance for a re-shoot if the photos don't turn out! There are no second chances in wedding photography.

Digitally Enhanced Photography can help you with all your Wedding needs and has been offering professional Wedding photography in Perth for many years. Their studio is based in Landsdale which has their work on display or you may visit their website for more information.

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