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Cecilia Pescaglini Making the Table at the WPT Malta

By: Antenor Contois

This past Sunday Matt Giannetti made his ?3,000 buy-in into a ?720,000 prize pool walking away with the US$273,200. Italian Cecilia Pescaglini held her own as the lone women at the table and finished second with US$159,412. Pescaglini seemed so close to becoming the first female to win a World Poker Tournament when she wiped-out Williamson from the table with her gut shot straight draw. This put her in the lead with chips at 2.245 million and Matt Giannetti the only other player over the million chip mark with 1.93 million. Two hands later the final table narrowed down as Fabien Sartoris left under Trumper's poket fives and Tristan Clemencon bet his remaining chips on his pocket kings which Pescaglini beat with the river ACE.

A couple of hands later Cecilia Pescaglini did it again. Trumper called a pre-flop all in, Pescaglini made the call and a blank river gave her the hand that eliminated Simon Trumper from the table placing fourth. Then the pace slowed down.

Six hours and 100 hands later action determined the finale. Bianchini lost his remaining chips to Giannetti's pocket sixes. Pescaglini, leading, began to push the action winning six of the following five hands. But tides turned when Matt Giannetti boated Cecilia into following a on board J-4-5-10-9 while he had pocket Aces. Two hands later the tournament was determined as Pescaglini put in 550,000 on a 10-8-2 flop and Giannetti topped it moving all in. Cecilia with a Q-10 had top pair but the final Jack on the turn gave Matt Giannetti the open ended straight draw with his 9-7.
In a quick two hands the tables turned around and Matt Giannetti championed the World Poker Tournament in Malta, leaving Cecilia Pescaglini in second and with the close experience of almost becoming the first women to win a WPT.

Brian Stinger in the Light

Brain "Stinger" Hastings has his poker years dating back to high school where he engaged in small home games. This sprang his opportunities to more professional and higher stakes. Liking the high stakes he holds some of the highest cash stakes records and plays an occasional tournament.

He had his first World poker win as a sort-of mishap. Taking a vacation with friends to Florida where there happened to be a tournament. He won lots of small pots, feeling comfortable and getting paid off on his decisive moves. Winning $200,000 and two trophies he took of to South Beach to let off the edge with his friends.

His good call on the table lead him in a interest to study economics, which was his major in Cornell University. Brain Stinger also likes to share his insides on the game and is a poker instructor.

Now living in Canada, this past month has proven some rocky grounds loosing over $100,000 in the first two weeks. Nonetheless he has gotten back on track and has made a profit of $223,000 since his preliminary loss.

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