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Canvas roll: Memorable prints that stay life long

By: Jason

The word 'canvas' means 'made of hemp'. Canvas is a heavy fabric used for various purposes. But most importantly, it is quite popular for its use in image printing, image re-production, placing advertisements, communicating messages, painting and other art related works. If you are an aspiring photographer, canvas provides you the interface to show off your skills in the best possible way. After all, canvas images have an alluring touch to them.

The art of developing images on canvas roll dates centuries back. Though modern-day photography has been ruling the roster of late, thanks to innovative mindsets and state-of-the-art technologies, yet the art of canvas image development hasn't lost its charm.

Canvas printing was an art then and now, modern techniques have helped it in metamorphosing into something better. Latest techniques are helping us to print superb images on Canvas rolls. Today, inkjet canvas is highly popular for creating great prints and images. Made up of high quality cotton that ensures clear, crisp high resolution picture quality, a good inkjet canvas is water resistant and seedless which guarantees a long life. Inkjet printers assign great variety of colors to canvas. Interestingly, with increased use of inkjet printers, the importance of inkjet canvas roll has also increased.

A canvas roll has certain properties that make it suitable for printing and image re-production purposes. Its seedless and white appearance help it in adapting to various color schemes. As already told above, it is completely water resistant and ensures absolute safety of your prints. Canvas is generally made up of cotton or linen. Its strong constitution saves it from tearing or cracking. Hence, your print and images stay for a long term.

The main job of canvas printing is assumed to be accomplished only after the image gets printed. Remember, the stretcher bars are also important here. They are dried so that the canvas photograph does not gets damaged due to excessive moisture. The printing is glued to standard stretcher bars or a wooden panel. After that it is displayed in a frame or as a gallery warp. Gallery warp is a method of stretching an artist’s canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides remain secured to the back of the frame. The print which is designed around the edges of stretched frame is known as full-bleed. It is used to bring-about the 3D effect of the mounted print which enhances its beauty.

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