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Beefeaters Dog Bones: Classic, Multifunctional Treats

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Dogs love toys that provide them with outlets for burning excess energy or just an enjoyable pastime. Dog bones are a classic treat. Every dog will have a favorite bone. In addition to providing the dental benefits of helping to prevent plaque and tartar buildup, they provide hours of amusement. When a dog has a Beefeaters bone, it has a beef or pork hide treat that is all natural, oven-baked to seal in flavor and without additives or preservatives.

The Benefits of Dog Bones

Dogs love their rawhide bones, and for very good reasons.

•Puppies chew on bones to relieve teething pain

•Gnawing on a bone satisfies the natural chewing instinct.

•Bones help to remove plaque and tartar buildup.

•Chewing on a bone helps to release excess energy.

•Bones help to remove plaque and tartar buildup.

Dog owners have found many reasons to offer dog ones. They are great training rewards and an excellent way to provide your dog with quiet time. Of course, dog owners treat their pets for reason other than to indulge them.

With all the choices on the market, it is important to look for a dog bone that:

•Is made with quality ingredients

•Is all natural and without additives or preservatives

•Available in a size and texture that appeals to your dog.

The Beefeaters Advantage: Bones in all Shapes, Sizes and Flavors

If you think of rawhide when you think of dog bones, think again! Only Beefeaters offers –

•Sweet potato bones – rich in betacarotene and Vitamin A

•Chicken Tops bones – a rich combination of quality rawhide with natural chicken breast

•Chicken Tops compressed bones for aggressive chewers

•Rawhide knotted bones covered with chicken, sweet potato or duck

•All natural pork bones including rope bones with intertwined strands of pig hide in a unique bone shape

•Compressed rawhide bones made from strips – not scraps – for a long lasting treat

•White rawhide natural bones

For more information on Beefeaters dog bones, and other all-natural dog treats and chews visit, .beefeaters.

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Beefeaters provides a full range of rawhide treats for dogs. Check out our compressed beefhide, pork hide, pigs ears and Natural Parts. All are oven baked to seal in flavor. You will never find additives, preservatives or fillers in a Beefeaters treat. To review the full product line,

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