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A Homemade Halloween Crafts For Dracula's Chef

By: Kathy Pratts

You'd be surprised to know that a lot of homemade Halloween crafts can be found in your own kitchen. Cook up some very unique homemade Halloween crafts projects using simple kitchen materials. Learn how to make different varieties of Jack-O-Lanterns, witch kitchen jars, and Halloween treats.

Not Just Another Jack-O-Lantern

Every year your neighbors display the same old Jack-O-Lanterns. Wouldn't it be nice to create something different from the rest? But first, learn how to make the basic Jack-O-Lantern.

First, draw a circular outline around the stem of your pumpkin. Carve out the outline at an angle you have a cone shape under the lid. Twist the lid off the pumpkin. Remove pulp with a knife and scrape insides with a spoon.

The next step is simply to draw your favorite Jack-O-Lantern face or pattern on the pumpkin and cut through the outline. Place a tea candle or flashlight inside.

Knowing the basics of making a traditional Jack-O-Lantern will help you move on to using different vegetables and fruits as homemade Halloween crafts materials. You can use green peppers for goblins, mandarins for mini Jack-O-Lanterns, red peppers for lil' devils, and melons for pale ghosts.

Witch Kitchen Jars

Witch kitchen jars can be an interesting addition to your kitchen. Your homemade Halloween crafts materials for this project could be endless.

First, paint the lids with spray paint so the old labels will be covered. Popular colors are black, red, silver and green.

The next thing you need to do is to fill those jars. You can put virtually anything in it, such as mushrooms, rice, dried fruits, vegetable roots, and spices. Fill with water.

Think of names such as "Brain Stew" or "Goblin's Eyeballs", play around with your Word Processor's font styles and print your label out on paper.

To make the labels of your witch kitchen jars look aged and old, you can brew tea bags in just-boiled water, remove, and let the tea cool. Pour tea into a spray bottle and spray on your label. Let your label dry on wax paper. Once dry, stick the label on your jar using glue. Brush on varnish if desired. Finish off by tying old-fashioned twine around the neck of the jar.

Halloween Treats

Set aside your witch ingredients and create some real tasty Halloween treats. This homemade Halloween crafts project is especially fun to make for kids. All you need are spoons, candy melt and a few other materials for decoration.

Melt according to its instructions. Then dip each spoon into your candy melt, scoop out and lay the melt on parchment paper until it is cool enough to remove. Cover candy with clear cellophane and secure with a ribbon or string.

To complete your candy homemade Halloween crafts, cut out an egg carton and paint them on to create fun hats for your candies . Attach yarn to the hats for "hair" and draw on eyes and mouth on the candy plastic with markers. Use green candy melt for witches, white for ghosts, and orange for Jack-O-Lanterns.

Now that you have these few tricks up your sleeves for your homemade Halloween project, think of other things you can find in your kitchen to create something spooky and entertaining!

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Are you running out of ideas for homemade Halloween crafts for this year? Know out how you can add a different twist to your old homemade Halloween projects!

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